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Home for Every Pet Project - Royale

Each year, over 100,000 dogs and cats* are awaiting adoption. The Royale® Home for Every Pet Project helps to raise awareness and funds to help Canadian animal shelters in their quest to pair animals with loving forever homes.

A bunch of cats and dogs
A cat and dog
Coco and I are proud to support the Royale® Home for Every Pet Project. Together, we can help find a home for every pet.”Bianca Andreescu
Canadian Tennis Champion
Bianca and Coco

Watch Pet Adoption Stories

Adopting a shelter animal brings so much joy to the lives of the pet and their people. Watch their heartwarming adoption stories below.

Purr-oudly Canadian

Special Pet Packs

Some of the pets from our adoption videos appear on specially marked packs of Royale® products, just another way we raise awareness and promote shelter adoptions. The packs are part of the Royale® Home for Every Pet Project, which includes special offers with savings for you and donations to help shelter partners. Look for them in stores this August. In the meantime, grab your Royale® coupon and save.
Save $1

Shelter Support

In only its first year, the Royale® Home for Every Pet Project has shelter partners in every province across Canada, helping over 60 locations by contributing Royale® products and helping to fund in-shelter improvements.

Royale® is working to drive awareness for pet adoption across Canada. It is our goal that this awareness will benefit shelters nationwide by encouraging adoption, community volunteerism, and donations toward this incredibly important cause.

We are currently working on our upcoming plans and will continue helping organizations across Canada who share our mission of finding every pet a loving, forever home. Check out the stories of pets who’ve already found their forever homes above, or to learn more about Royale® Home for Every Pet Project shelter partnerships, please contact us at:

All segments photographed before mandated social distancing protocols.

Find shelter partners in your province where you can donate and adopt.

Enter your postal code below to find a shelter partner. Visit their site, where you can donate and see animals currently available for adoption.

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Want to know more about the ROYALE® Home for Every Pet Project? Check out our FAQs section HERE.

Contact Us

Call: 1-888-7ROYALE (toll-free)

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*Humane Canada Annual Report, 2018 Animal Shelter Statistics
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