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A pet can bring comfort, companionship and joy into Canadian homes, but the bond when a shelter animal finds their forever home is unique.

Many families can’t imagine home without their four-legged companions, especially during times of uncertainty and stress. And, for the over 100,000 cats and dogs taken in by Canadian shelters every year finding a forever home creates an everlasting joy. As The Kitten Brand®, ROYALE® believes that everyone deserves to experience that joy. It’s why we started the Home for Every Pet Project, to help increase awareness and raise funds for the in-shelter care crucial to matching pets with loving families. Check out the successful adoption stories below.

Adopting Joy


The dog that turned a couple into a family

William was a street rescue when his pet parents fell in love with him at the animal shelter. Now healthy and happy, he brought them together as a family.

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Chai Tea

All segments filmed before mandated social distancing protocols.

Shelter Support

In 2019 we identified 4 major shelter partners in various regions across Canada to start the Home for Every Pet Project, contributing ROYALE® products and helping to fund in-shelter improvements.

Now we are officially launching the program to the public with the addition of a $50K cash donation to be shared by existing partners and new additions.

Our awareness-building activities and fund raising will continue as the program builds across the country.

Our Major Shelter Partners

All segments photographed before mandated social distancing protocols.

Check out our easy-to-follow tips and tricks to see how ROYALE® products can help you and your pets

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A natural way to keep your furry friends ears clean

Want to know more about the ROYALE® Home for Every Pet Project. Check out our FAQs section HERE.