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Royale® Tissue Products Are Carbon Neutral

You know you can trust Royale® products for quality, but you may not know that the Royale® brand is part of an organization that has planted more than one billion trees since 1957 and plants millions of trees each year in responsibly managed forests. Royale® bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper towel and napkins are carbon neutral.* You can trust Royale® as a carbon neutral choice, without compromising quality.

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Introducing Royale® Velour 3-Ply Lotion Facial Tissue

Get soothing relief from cold symptoms with Royale® Velour 3-Ply Lotion facial tissues. These NEW Velvety Soft® tissues are infused with lotion containing aloe and vitamin E, so they feel extra gentle on your skin

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Bathroom Tissue

Bathroom Tissue

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Find out how Royale® products can help in every room of your home with our series of easy-to-follow tips and tricks.

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A natural way to keep your furry friends ears clean
A natural way to keep your furry friends ears clean

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Royale® tissue products are manufactured by Irving Consumer Products Limited, an affiliate of J.D. Irving, Limited. J.D. Irving, Limited and affiliated corporations have planted a billion trees since 1957.

*Each year, forests managed by J.D. Irving, Limited and affiliated corporations remove more carbon than is emitted in the lifecycle of Royale® tissue products.

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