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A PURR-oudly Canadian Company

We’re a Canadian company that makes quality products, trusted to help make everyday tasks a little easier for everyone who uses them. We love being part of a team that is passionate and diverse. We compete (and win) on a global level every day.
A PURR-oudly Canadian Company
Faison — Operator, Toronto Plant

From Seed to Shelf

When you choose ROYALE® products, you have our promise that we have actively managed the chain of custody (tracks forest fiber content through production and manufacturing to the end product) for all material we use. We’re recognized internationally for contributions to ecosystem research and habitat conservation. And, J.D. Irving, Limited is a North American leader in reforestation.

  • SFI® third party audit and certification
  • Over 1,560 conservation sites
  • $1.5 Million per year spent on forest research
  • 1 Billion trees planted 1957-2018

Sustainability is our Business

As an industry leader we understand the bigger picture, using the most advanced tools and technology to better understand our forests each day.

  • Sustainable forestry means 2% or less of the land base is harvested annually
  • We will double our wood supply by 2050 while maintaining all other values (habitat, water, diversity)
  • Forests we own and manage will absorb 92 million tonnes of CO2 over the next 50 years – equivalent to 350,000 cars off the road every year for the next 50 years

Meet our team and learn more about our company and the exciting work we’re doing every day.


If you’re interested in joining us, or to learn more about career opportunities with J.D. Irving, Limited, explore our career site.


The entire family of ROYALE® products is made by Irving Consumer Products, a proudly Canadian company committed to producing quality products through responsible forest management.

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