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PURR-oudly Canadian

We’re proud as Canadians that so many are doing their part to slow the spread of COVID-19. We know it takes a community effort to help keep each other safe. We want to thank our employees, our retail partners and their front-line staff, and everyone who is doing their part to lower the risks for themselves and their neighbours. Proudly headquartered in Dieppe, New Brunswick.

What we’re doing

“It’s important that as a community, we take care of our neighbours who are impacted.” - Robert K. Irving, Co-CE0 of J.D. Irving, Limited

It is anticipated that there will be a 50% increase in the meals the Food Depot Alimentaire will need to provide across New Brunswick; with school closures and the cancellation of other youth programs, there is also a need to replace breakfast and other meal programs. In addition to increased demand, many food banks have lost their ability to raise funds. Thrift stores and other venues have had to close which has limited the opportunities. To help meet this pressing need J.D. Irving, Limited is donating $1 million to the Food Depot Alimentaire. The donation will go to New Brunswick’s network of 60 food banks across the province due to the financial hardships caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Full Details
From Left to Right: Dale Hicks, president of Food Depot Alimentaire; Robert K. Irving, Co-CEO J.D. Irving, Limited

Our COVID-19 Safety Measures

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is creating a rapidly changing environment and Governments have recognized tissue production as an essential service during these challenging times. We are doing everything possible to ensure we keep producing the ROYALE® tissue products that Canadians need to keep their homes clean and healthy. The safety and well-being of our employees and communities remains our first priority.

It’s for these reasons that we have put measures in place to do our best to protect one another – including work-from-home arrangements for some of our employees, and limiting the number of people at any given worksite to those team members required for the safe and reliable operation of our business.

As well, employees across our business are respecting health and safety measures as outlined by our local public health agencies to prevent the spread of the COVID-19:


  • There are new protocols regarding screening at site entrances.
  • Virtual meetings are encouraged for employee teams and customers.
  • We have stopped all international travel and all domestic air travel to limit potential exposure.
  • We have significantly enhanced sanitization and disinfection protocols at our facilities.
  • We have provided up to 3 paid emergency leave days for employees. This leave is available to help with family commitments such as managing alternate childcare arrangements during school closures or to care for sick or vulnerable family members during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.
  • We’ve introduced pay continuation for self-isolation due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • We have a senior leadership team dedicated to this effort 24/7 and are providing daily updates to our employees.

Partners and affiliates

Our parent company, partners and affiliates are all implementing new measures to increase safety and help take care of our employees, neighbours and communities at this time. Click the logos to find out how.


It takes a whole team to get ROYALE® products to the people who need them most. It's why we love working together to do good with our sister companies Midland and Cavendish.

THANK YOU to the many brands and businesses, like our sister company Chandler, doing their part to keep Canadians safe.

We're continuing to partner with our sister companies to provide ongoing relief across the country. A big thank you to the teams on the lines and in Montreal for making this possible.

From Seed to Shelf

When you choose ROYALE® products, you have our promise that we have actively managed the chain of custody (tracks forest fiber content through production and manufacturing to the end product) for all material we use. We’re recognized internationally for contributions to ecosystem research and habitat conservation. And, J.D. Irving, Limited is a North American leader in reforestation.

  • SFI® third party audit and certification
  • Over 1,560 conservation sites
  • $1.5 Million per year spent on forest research
  • 1 Billion trees planted 1957-2018

Sustainability is our Business

As an industry leader we understand the bigger picture, using the most advanced tools and technology to better understand our forests each day.

  • Sustainable forestry means 2% or less of the land base is harvested annually
  • We will double our wood supply by 2050 while maintaining all other values (habitat, water, diversity)
  • Forests we own and manage will absorb 92 million tonnes of CO2 over the next 50 years – equivalent to 350,000 cars off the road every year for the next 50 years

Meet our team and learn more about our company and the exciting work we’re doing every day.


If you’re interested in joining us, or to learn more about career opportunities with J.D. Irving, Limited, explore our career site.


The entire family of ROYALE® products is made by Irving Consumer Products, a proudly Canadian company committed to producing quality products through responsible forest management.

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