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Pet Care

Stop pet mess in its tracks

Snowy romps and rainy day walks usually mean messy paw prints on the floor. Use Tiger Towel® paper towel to help keep things clean.

What you’ll need:

  • ROYALE® Tiger Towel® paper towel

  • Warm water


  1. Before you unleash your furry friend inside, take their paws and wipe them down with Tiger Towel® paper towel.

    TIP: Make sure to get in between their paw pads to prevent smells.

  2. Use warm water to help remove dirt or mud your pup may have gotten into.

Bath towels can be bulky and hold on to dirt and smell until laundry day. ROYALE® Tiger Towel® paper towel can easily maneuver around paws and their small surrounding spaces to grab more dirt and because it's strong and absorbent, Tiger Towel® can stand up to tough messes like this one.


Did you know?

ROYALE® Tiger Towel® paper towel is compostable! Find out how you can use it in your garden.

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