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Spring Cleaning

No hassle dash restoration

Want to restore the dusty faded dash in your car? If your dash is made of plastic, then there’s a simple and easy way to make it look brand new!

What you’ll need:

  • Water

  • ROYALE® Tiger Towel® paper towel

  • Petroleum Jelly


  1. Use two 2 Handy Half Sheets® to wipe as much of the dust off the dash as possible.

  2. Dampen 2 Handy Half Sheets® and wipe down the dash to pick up any remaining dust.

  3. Allow the dash to dry completely.

  4. Take a single Handy Half Sheets®, fold in half and dab it in the petroleum jelly.

  5. Spread a thin even layer of petroleum jelly to the dash.

  6. Wipe down the dash with a clean sheet of Tiger Towel® to remove any excess.

Try out this technique in the spring to remove any dust that has built up over the winter, and in the fall, to prevent dust from being blown around the enclosed cabin of your car during winter months. Plus, once your dash is clean, why stop there? This technique works on all automotive plastics and, once you’re done in the car, check out our other tips for innovative ways to clean your home.

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