Ready to experience a bathroom tissue unlike any other ROYALE®? Make room for velvety soft ROYALE VelourTM. It's plush and thick so you can use less! And like all ROYALE bathroom tissues, Velour is hypoallergenic and septic safe, so you can trust it to be gentle on you and the environment.

Can't get enough of plush and thick Velour? Try ROYALE Velour Large with 33% more velvety soft sheets.

Available Sizes

8 Rolls  12 Rolls  16 Rolls  24 Rolls  30 Rolls  12 = 32 Rolls   18 = 36 Rolls  24 = 62 Rolls  

2-Ply Bathroom Tissue

It’s hard not to love a classic. And once you try Kitten’y SoftTM ROYALE 2-ply, you’ll see why it has earned a spot in Canadian homes (and hearts) for over 50 years. Can’t seem to get enough? Double up on plumbing-friendly ROYALE 2-ply without the extra roll changes with 2-ply double rolls.

Available Sizes

4 Rolls  16 Rolls  24 Rolls  30 Rolls  40 Rolls


8 = 16 Rolls  12 = 24 Rolls  16 = 32 Rolls  24 = 48 Rolls  30 = 60 Rolls  32 = 64 Rolls  40 = 80 Rolls

2-Ply Bathroom Tissue Mega

Looking for longer rolls and even fewer roll changes? Choose ROYALE MEGA to get the most sheets of your favourite kitten soft ROYALE 2-ply bathroom tissue.

Available Sizes

9 Rolls  12 Rolls

3-Ply Comfort

You’ll feel the difference an extra layer of kitten soft bathroom tissue can make with ROYALE 3-ply Comfort bathroom tissue, and because ROYALE doesn’t add fragrances or chemicals, you can count on comfort all around.

Available Sizes

8 Rolls  9 Rolls  12 Rolls

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