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  • ROYALE Tiger Towel

    Are ROYALE Tiger Towel made out of recycled paper?

    ROYALE Tiger Towel are made from 100 percent virgin wood fibres and do not contain recycled fibre. For the parts of our product that do not require softness, we use recycled materials. For instance, the cores used in the rolls of bathroom tissue and paper towels, as well as the cartons used for our facial tissue are all made of recycled fibres.

    Can I use ROYALE Tiger Towel to clean the lenses on my eyeglasses?

    Most eyeglass manufacturers do not recommend using tissue products to clean the lenses on your glasses. Please consult your optician for recommended alternatives for your lens care needs.

    Can I use ROYALE Tiger Towel when I reheat foods in the microwave?

    ROYALE Tiger Towel are safe to use in the microwave. However you should use caution when reheating foods while using paper towels or napkins. Consult your microwave oven manual for specific instructions regarding reheating foods.

    Can ROYALE Tiger Towel be used to clean windows?

    Yes. And remember, clean your windows in the morning if possible. Heat can cause the windows to streak because the washing solution dries too quickly.

    What is the advantage of using a ROYALE Tiger Towel instead of a sponge or rag in my home?

    Germs love the warm wet environment sponges and rags offer. ROYALE Tiger Towels are strong enough to handle the toughest cleaning jobs and can be thrown away along with those nasty germs.

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