Tiger Towel
Paper Towel®

Tackle anything life throws your way with ROYALE® Tiger Towel, the only paper towel that's Tiger StrongTM - you'll be amazed how it stands up against your toughest messes.

Minor spills? That sounds like a job for Handy Half Sheets®, standard in all packs of ROYALE Tiger Towel so you can use less.

Keep rolls handy throughout your home for fast and easy cleanups wherever they might happen.

Tiger Towel Mega

Love ROYALE Tiger Towel so much you always want it around? Choose ROYALE Tiger Towel MEGA for more paper towel and fewer roll replacements.

Home Solutions

Discover uses for strong, absorbent ROYALE® Tiger Towel® you may never have thought of before!


Help Save Tigers

When you buy ROYALE® Tiger Towel®, you help save tigers because ROYALE is a proud supporter of Panthera, a conservation agency dedicated to preserving tigers in their natural habitat worldwide.


ROYALE® Tiger Towel FAQs

Available Sizes

6 Rolls 12 Rolls


Available Sizes

2 Rolls