• Panthera's Save the Tiger Fund

    With less than 3,200 tigers living in the wild today, tiger conservation has become a cause very close to our heart. To help keep tigers in their natural habitat and protect them from poachers, we've teamed up with PANTHERA, the world's most influential tiger conservation organization, to help them raise funds and awareness for their Save the Tiger Fund.

    Learn more about PANTHERA's Save the Tiger Fund and how you can help save tigers:

    Want to get to know one of the ambassadors of this great cause? Follow the ROYALE® Tiger Towel® Cub, along with the ROYALE® Kittens™ on Facebook and Twitter:

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    Children's Miracle Network Hospital

    Children's Miracle Network

    62 Children are brought into a Children's Miracle Network Hospital for treatment every minute - that's one child every second. Thanks to donations, many only $1 at a time, these facilities are able to care for millions of children each year. The tireless spirit that drives the Children's Miracle Network organization is inspiring, and ROYALE® is honoured to be a contributing partner to this deserving cause.

    Children's Miracle Network Moxie